When you use the BenFit software as a coach, you easily create modern, customized meal plans for your participants.

With easy recipes you’ll help your participant lose weight, build muscle mass and regain balance. With BenFit, you can take the time to really coach your participant. No prior training is necessary. The BenFit training (1 afternoon) gives you the right tools to get started. You can fall back on dieticians at the helpdesk and take part in exclusive in-depth training courses.

With the right coaching, your participants will achieve good results and create ambassadors for your company. There are complete marketing campaigns ready for you in your own corporate identity, but you can also set up your own campaign in which BenFit supports you.

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Marketing campaigns

To give the BenFit programme a boost in your company, you can use one of our marketing campaigns. The marketing campaigns are complete and personalised. With the help of scripts, powerpoints and documents for flyers and posters you can attract new and existing members to follow the programme.

With the use of a BenFit marketing campaign you can get started right away! Take a quick look at what’s on offer and choose a campaign that fits your company, vision and wishes.

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