BenFit is more than just about weight.

  • Positive attitude towards your life

  • Being in control of your own body and weight

  • The way to feel better and enjoy your life

The BenFit programme is specially designed to work on your lifestyle in a healthy way: whether the goal is to lose weight, gain weight or stay in balance. You will be coached by a personal coach who will work with you to achieve a healthy routine. Your coach helps you to look at your body and health in a different way.

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The BenFit programme works to reach a healthy lifestyle using three essential themes

Nutrition advice

Lose pounds, not your perspective!

The BenFit programme provides you with a weekly nutrition plan, including shopping list, customised to your body and situation. This means that your personal calorie expenditure (based on your basal metabolic rate), the intensity of your day job, and the amount of exercise you do. A unique, healthy nutrition plan, especially for you!

The nutrition advice BenFit gives is healthy, varied, regular, more than enough, and based on international health guidelines. BenFit is not a diet, does not contain supplements or meal substitutes, but instead teaches you how to eat healthily. An eating pattern fit for your body, which you can keep all your life because you eat tasty, good food and certainly will not go hungry!

The BenFit nutrition plan helps you lose weight  in a healthy way! During the programme you will learn more about nutrition and how to balance your new eating pattern and the other two themes of BenFit: Move and Relax.

Healthy exercise

Yo-yo-ing… the only exercise we don’t recommend!

The BenFit programme makes sure healthy exercise becomes a part of your new lifestyle. You will experience what exercise does for you and you will feel the difference: physically and mentally. You will work on your fitness with the goal to make exercise a part of your lifestyle and healthy weight loss.

Your personal BenFit coach will give you advice on how best to start exercising. The BenFit theme “Move” can be used on many intensity levels.

  • Choose an individual sport or a team sport, where you will be following your coach’s guidelines, but you will mostly be independent.
  • Your BenFit coach gives you advice for your daily movement, cardio and strength exercises at home to complement a gym workout.
  • Your BenFit coach gives you advice for 3 intensive workouts per week and for your daily movement schedule, supplemented with guidelines about cardio and strength training.

The BenFit exercise plan helps you lose weight  in a healthy way! During the programme you will learn more about healthy exercise and how to balance your new exercise pattern and the other two themes of BenFit: Nutrition and Relax.

Not just one day in balance –

your whole life!

The BenFit programme makes sure you start to work on balancing exercise and relaxation consciously. Do you want to be fit and stay fit, then it is important you feel good. So you will be making time to relax and working on your mental health. You will be making time to relax in your life, and regularly choosing to take time for yourself.

A healthy life, a fit body, a healthy weight, it is all within your grasp with BenFit!

Don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts! Believe you will reach your goal and you will succeed. Positive thinking is vital during your BenFit programme. Being positive is about enjoying more, feeling better and being able to handle anything. It makes you optimistic and strong, you will see opportunities and utilise every chance to reach your goal.

The BenFit relax advice, combined with the nutritional and exercise advice, will support a healthy weight loss. You’ll will learn more about relaxation, positive thinking and balancing your new relaxation habits with BenFit’s two other themes: Nutrition and Exercise.

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